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Plug of bronze 65х45х1 mm Bro5ts5s5
  • Plug of bronze 65х45х1 mm Bro5ts5s5

Plug of bronze 65х45х1 mm Bro5ts5s5

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4000 KZT
Country of manufacture:Russia
The plug bronze is the detail of a cylindrical form having an axial opening. Bronze plugs are manufactured by method of centrifugal casting with the subsequent machining. It Plugs bronze have the high density of material; in them is absent nonmetallic inclusions and slag; have high characteristics of wear resistance; there are no cavities and sinks. They provide reliability and operability of important parts of units and mechanisms. The plug bronze has antifrictional properties that allows them to resist to friction force. Bronze plugs use for the bearings of sliding working in the conditions of high specific pressures; antifrictional details; the pumps working in sea water; the details working in fresh water, couple and liquid fuel at high temperature; antifrictional details, inserts of bearings, friction details, frictional units of fittings, the high-loaded details of shnekovy drives, press and shpindelny nuts, wreaths of worm gear wheels. The plug of bronze 65х45х1 mm Bro5ts5s5 available in a warehouse, we carry out delivery across the Republic of Kazakhstan and the CIS countries. The urgent price to you will be prompted by our manager. It is easy to buy the Plug of bronze 65х45х1 mm Bro5ts5s5: 1. You send the application 2. We make out you account 3. You pay in the way 4, convenient for you. You receive the goods the KAZMETSERVICE Production association is a specialized complex, carrying out development, test, production and product sales from metals and alloys of different function. Our system allows to unite ready steel products of the partner plants in one place with a convenient opportunity to receive additional services: Services are sharp: laser cutting, is sharp a pendular saw, is sharp a guillotine, oxygen cutting, is sharp on the lentochnopilny machine, hydroabrasive cutting. Production. The made production according to drawings and the required specifications. Delivery. The developed logistic service allows to deliver production across all territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the CIS. At the order of small parties – delivery of production to the terminal of transport companies free of charge. Advantages of work with us: 1. Quality guarantee 2. Individual approach 3. Wide choice of non-ferrous metal, stainless steels and alloys and black hire 4. Production and metal working 5. Minimum shipments of term and delivery 6. Favorable conditions of cooperation 7. Deliveries across all Republic of Kazakhstan and the CIS the Urgent price on the Plug of bronze 65х45х1 mm Bro5ts5s5 to you will be prompted by our manager. The final price of production is formed, proceeding from terms of delivery: quantity, terms of payment and place of shipment. Ask the manager. This price list has exclusively information character and under no circumstances is not the public offer determined by provisions of Art. 447 of the Civil code of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
Country of manufacture:Russia
Information is up-to-date: 08.04.2019
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